Because of the sudden Covid-19, there are huge losses for different industries! What cause that? No dehumidifying!


As reported, a leather clothing store was closing for 2 months because of the Covid-19, no air conditioning supplied. When reopen the store, they found it comes with mildew on all goods.


Not only this store, other stores in the shopping mall had the same issue, it caused a lot of loss for every owner.



The shoes, belt, wallet...All moulded.

Goods with mildew can't be sold anymore, the seller only can throw away them and bear the cost loss.


Other industries affected by the humidity control...


Cinema, shopping mall also meeting the same difficulty when reopening.

Damp air comes with a peculiar smell, also mildew on the seat, wall, these also increase the cost for these industries



There is central air conditioning on the museum, but the humidity can't be control well by air conditioner, the humidity is also affected by the exhibition environment, visiting population, multiple factors.


On rainy days, typhoons, or large temperature differences, the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction will accelerate and catalyze the damage of cultural relics. Therefore, humidity control is particularly important for museums, calligraphy and painting halls, exhibition halls, archives and other environments.


3、Power room

In the projects that DOROSIN has cooperated with, the power room with dehumidifiers covers multiple industries: airport terminal, power grid company, manufacturing industry, real estate industry, etc.



Humid air will cause harm to experimental equipment. In addition, laboratories also need strict air humidity requirements, such as chemical, biological, and pharmaceutical experiments. Once this requirement is exceeded, the form and performance of chemical reagents will be affected.



DOROSIN provides suitable temperature and humidity solutions for large labor-intensive industries. While improving production efficiency, it can also help companies reduce operating costs and investment, and help factories, processing workshops and other places to achieve the most ideal climate conditions.



DOROSIN provides humidity solutions for the rocket launch center. The control room of the launch center is very strict on the air dew point control and the relative humidity control of the environment, and ensures that the communication system, control system and other electronic equipment and parts do not malfunction due to humidity.


Obviously, the importance of dehumidification and moisture prevention has deeply affected most industries. With rich experience of project for 17 years, DOROSIN has won the trust and choice of professional users in a wide range of traditional industries and strategic emerging industries.

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