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Tea and orange peel production

 1. Fixation(Halt fermentation) ---Dehumidifier to improve the efficiency, ensure qualityTea and orange peel production.png

       In the past long time, fixation totally rely on the weather, The water content of tea is high during rainy days. The fixation process is good, then the tea quality will be good, there is tea dehumidifiers to remove the water content from fresh tea and can intelligently control it.

After the continuous practice of tea growers in the past few years, as long as the proper use of kinds of Dorosin dehumidifiers to control humidity can control the indoor environment, much helpful to the Fixation processing in rainy and humid weather. And also can produce high-quality tea! The common practice is: a Dorosin dehumidifier is equipped in the room of the tea booth, and the humidity is controlled at about 35-45%RH;

That can greatly accelerate the tea water distribution, shorten the spread of green or cool green time, improve the processing efficiency and quality of tea.

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2. Withering

       Withering is an important process of tea preliminary production

Dorosin dehumidifier can also be used for standing withering. It is recommended to set the humidity at about 50%RH, which can effectively avoid generating red bottom of leaves, improve the efficiency of tea withering and tea quality, not affected by weather, and achieve the requirements of mass production.

  3. Tea Warehouse - Need strict dehumidification

Tea warehouse - strict dehumidification from a scientific point of view requires that the water content of tea is about 3%, in order to keep it in the process of storage will not deteriorate;Tea leaves tend to "age" if their moisture content exceeds 6%, so the water content stored in tea leaves should be kept below that level.According to the experiment, the moisture content of the tea leaves can reach about 7% after the dry tea dew is placed indoors.After exposed for five or six days, it rises to more than 15%.On wet, rainy days, tea increases its water content by 1% for every hour it is left exposed.When the water content of tea exceeds 10%, it will become moldy and lose its drinkable value.

3Generally speaking, the relative humidity of tea warehouse is not more than 70%RH for suitable environmental conditions for storage. And use Dorosin dehumidifier can accurately control the humidity of the tea storage warehouse below 70%RH to ensure its safe storage!

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