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Commercial building

Industrial Background:

Generally speaking, building humidity control, the related temperature and humidity, and indoor meteorological conditions such factors are often easily to be ignored in the design of building maintenance structure. People's attention may be more on the appearance and cost of the building.In fact, humidity and indoor climate are the main limiting conditions of environmental load, easy to cause the wall fragile, decay, decay, mildew and corrosion.Especially the basement, it is more affected by humidity because of its poor ventilation which will lead to high air relative humidity. Once the relative humidity exceeds 85%RH at room temperature, it is easy to breed rot fungi, mold and other harmful bacteria.Lead to basement environment mildew, electrical equipment control short circuit adverse phenom.

Case and Solution

China Evergrande Group, an enterprise group integrating people's livelihood housing, cultural tourism, FMCG, agriculture, dairy and sports industries. In 2020, the turnover reached 477.5 billion. In 2019, it ranks 138 among the Fortune Global 500 enterprises.

1606461941139973.pngIn response to the Hengda Group’s dehumidification needs, Dorosin Moisture-proof Engineering has specially formulated a unique dehumidification and moisture-proof system. The technicians go to the site to investigate, measure the data and match the models of different specifications, such as: Equipped with Dorosin hand-push dehumidifier in the underground garage, which is convenient to move and saves costs, reduces or even eliminates tire skidding, and protects personal safety.

Where the space is compact, the ceiling dehumidifier is installed to save space and make it more beautiful

1606462019576797.pngDorosin dehumidifier realizes uninterrupted continuous dehumidification, automatic detection of relative humidity control switch equipment, and stable and continuous operation all year round.

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