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Electronics industry

Industrial Background:

Every industry can't work without electricity. But the environment of power equipment is very special. In the wet weather, the moisture return in the distribution room leads to the water seepage in the wall, the switch seepage in the distribution room leads to short circuit, overload trip and so on, the more serious will damage the equipment in the distribution room, affecting the whole urban power operation.

1606466013272348.jpgSucessful Case: China Southern Power Grid


China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. is one of the two power grid enterprises separated by the original power company of the People's Republic of China after the reform of the power system. According to statistics, in 2009, the company completed the electricity sales of 523.9 billion kWh, and the electricity transmission from west to east was 115.6 billion kWh, with an operating income of 313.6 billion yuan and the total assets of the company amounted to 442.5 billion yuan.

1606466403782360.jpg    When the relative humidity is more than 80%RH, electrical equipment accidents occur in a high frequency period. Generally, they occur in wet spring, or the seasonal exchange season when the temperature suddenly changes or the temperature difference between day and night is large (suddenly decreases or increases).

In order to control the humidity range in the distribution room, substation, high-voltage room, machine room and other electrical equipment places, and considering the insulation and metal properties of the original equipment, Dorosin configuring the corresponding industrial dehumidifier according to its actual situation to strictly control the indoor humidity below 70%RH.


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