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Workshop clean room cooling scheme

Industrial air conditioners are suitable for indoor cooling in clean room of workshop

Workshop clean room cooling scheme.pngIn the whole process of the operation in the clean room of workshop, indoor cooling is a very critical task. Immediately do a good job of indoor cooling countermeasures. Dorosin industrial air conditioners are suitable for indoor cooling in clean rooms to ensure the normal operation of the production workshop and keep products at a good condition.

Many Clean room of workshop have a large indoor space with many staff, machines and equipment, resulting in high heat generation. If you consider that the central air conditioner can carry out the overall indoor cooling, the project investment is large, the cost increases, and the indoor air does not circulate in the commodity. In addition, some clean rooms of workshop have high natural environmental regulations, and water cooler will cause excessive humidity in the environment, which is very easy to transform into germs.

It is a good plan to apply Dorosin industrial air-conditioners to indoor cooling in clean rooms of workshop. Industrial air conditioner is a kind of portable air conditioner that improves the traditional design concept, is petite and exquisite, has high energy efficiency level, it does not need to be installed, and it can be placed in different places.

The most important thing is that industrial air conditioners also contain a certain degree of dehumidification. The application of industrial air-conditioners in clean rooms can avoid high indoor humidity and reduce the growth of germs. In addition, industrial air-conditioners can be used for local cooling. They are used in certain laboratories with specific requirements for temperature. They can be operated and used in a more targeted manner than central air conditioners, avoiding the problem of unequal test data and information caused by low temperature.

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