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Subway inspection area

The middle summer- scorching sun beating down. When the citizens are riding all the way in a cool subway train, there is a group of people who are covered with oil and sweat, and they interpret their persistence and responsibility under the high temperature. They are subway inspectors.

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The sun exposes the rail transit, and the temperature of the section composed of steel rails and cement is much higher than the outdoor temperature. Entering the maintenance workshop, the air here is very hot. In hot weather, the train air conditioner works for a long time, the load is heavy, and the probability of failure is also increasing. Therefore, after each train is put into the warehouse, the maintenance of the air conditioning system has always been the top priority.

The inspectors will clean the condenser of the central air conditioner, to check whether the parts are loose or fall off, and take off  the air filter to be cleaned with a high-pressure water gun to ensure that the train’s air-conditioning and ventilation are in good condition, but there is no air-conditioning setting in the workshop for the inspectors.

In summer, the higher temperature in the workshop can reach 40℃, More and more subway manufacturer are aware of the seriousness of the high temperature problem. Workers work under high temperature for a long time. which can easily cause heatstroke and fainting. Due to high cost of installing central air-conditioning for the large space. They believe that Dorosin mobile air conditioners are a cost-effective choice.

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