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Cold storage of vegetables and fruits

For all kinds of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping cold storage, everyone may generally pay more attention to the control requirements of the temperature in the storage, but from the GB/T30134-2013 "Cold Storage Management Code", it can be known that even cold storage has certain requirements for the humidity control in the storage. However, the control of relative humidity in fruit and vegetable cold storage has always been a difficult problem to solve.QQ图片20150417105327.jpg

During the long-term storage of most fresh fruits and vegetables in the cold storage, the internal moisture will gradually evaporate and lose water and freshness, which not only causes dry consumption and weight reduction, but also shrinks on the surface, wilting and other phenomena, and finally lose their due commodity value. In this case, it is often necessary to control the relative humidity between 85% and 95% RH in the refrigerator according to the different commodities stored. Then, this requires proper humidification in the cold storage.湿。

In the past, in order to solve the problem of low humidity in fruit and vegetable cold storage, many people often used simple methods such as sprinkling water on the floor of the storage or putting wet grass bags in the storage; however, although these humidification methods are simple and economical, the humidification effect is not Ideally, it is difficult to meet the humidity requirements for preservation and moisture retention of fruits and vegetables.

For this reason, a humidification method widely used in fruit and vegetable cold storage is to install Dorosin air conditioning humidifier and DRS series mist ultrasonic humidifier. The mist particles are fine and evaporate quickly, preventing the formation of drips and wetting the products. Usually next to the cooling equipment in the warehouse, with the help of the cooling equipment, the atomized water is sent to all corners of the warehouse to form a relatively balanced humidity field.

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 Dorosin cold storage humidifier and DRS series high humidity resistant ultrasonic humidifier products have very good effects on cold storage, fresh-keeping storage and air conditioning storage:

1. Extend the storage period of fruits, vegetables and meats, generally 1-2 times longer than ordinary cold storage. When stored to the most expensive price, they will be sold on the market to obtain higher profits.

2. It can keep the freshness and brittleness of fruits and vegetables. The moisture, vitamin C content, sugar, acidity, hardness, color and weight of the fruits and vegetables after delivery can meet the storage requirements.

3. Keep the fruits and vegetables crispy taste, green appearance, almost the same as the newly picked shape, and can provide high-quality fruits and vegetables to the market.

4. It can inhibit the occurrence of fruit and vegetable diseases and insect pests, and minimize the weight loss of fruits and vegetables and the loss of damage by diseases and insect pests.

5. The shelf life of fruits and vegetables out of the warehouse can be extended to 21 to 28 days, while the shelf life of fruits and vegetables in ordinary cold storage can only last for about 7 days before they deteriorate.

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