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Printing industry

The printing industry has a long history, and there are many internal sub-industries, involving publishing, packaging, paper products, plastics, electronics, etc. Its products are used in various fields of national economic life. For the printing industry, the temperature and humidity control cannot be ignored. Changes in humidity can easily cause the paper to become brittle, and the ink fluidity is too large, which greatly reduces the quality of printed matter.

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      The control of temperature and humidity is extremely important for printed matter. First of all, the paper is very absorbent, and the temperature and humidity are not well controlled, which will cause the paper to deform, produce ruffles, tight edges, etc., hinder the normal conveyance of the paper in the offset press paper path, and prints will also experience problems such as inaccurate overprinting. Secondly, the temperature and humidity of the workshop affect the viscosity and fluidity of the ink. The higher the temperature, the lower the viscosity and the greater the fluidity. Directly cause the following effects: the transfer of ink will make the imprints unable to transfer accurately, the level of graphics and text is not clear, the ink color is not full, the color is not bright, and the quality of printing is reduced.

Low humidity in the environment will generate static electricity. If there is static electricity during printing, the paper will stick and cause losses during the printing process. In most printing plants, a lot of static electricity is generated due to low humidity during the dry season, resulting in a decline in product quality qualification rate and an increase in scrap rate.

In response to the humidity control problem in the printing industry, Dorosin humidity control experts have customized a set of precise humidity control solutions to control the humidity of the working environment between 18℃~23℃ and the relative humidity of 60~65% of the industry standard. RH is controlled in a comfortable and stable working environment for the printing workshop, ensuring the quality of printing and the smooth progress of production.

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