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Mushroom cultivation

Planting is one of the main components of agriculture, including the cultivation of various crops, trees, fruit trees, fungi, medicinal and ornamental plants. Since the early 1980s, edible fungus cultivation has developed rapidly in China as a good project with small investment, short cycle and quick results. In 2010, China's total production of edible fungi reached 20 million tons, accounting for 70% of the world. Its domestic market has great potential. However, fungi have extremely high environmental requirements, including temperature and humidity control, proper lighting and ventilation. Every detail of the production process is very important. In particular, precise humidity control can greatly increase the yield of fungi and bring high returns to the enterprise.

水印 拷贝 25.pngEdible fungi are moist-loving organisms. Both spore germination, mycelial growth, and fruit body formation require a certain amount of moisture and relative air humidity. Generally speaking, the suitable humidity of air for mycelial growth is 80%-95%. When the relative humidity of the air is lower than 60%, the fruit bodies of edible fungi such as Pleurotus ostreatus stop growing; when the relative humidity of the air is lower than 45%, the fruit bodies no longer differentiate, and the differentiated young mushrooms will wither and die. Therefore, humidity control can ensure the good development of fungi and increase the survival rate.


In response to the humidification needs of the fungus planting industry, Dorosin’s humidity control team has specially developed a special humidification series for edible fungi. This series has a variety of humidification models. Each model has 3 control methods: switches, time, and humidity. It can be perfectly matched to various places, convenient to use and cost-saving, and effectively eradicate a variety of diseases during the growth and development of edible fungi. No mechanical drive, no noise interference, no pollution, fog particles less than 5 microns, high atomization efficiency. It can increase the germination rate of edible fungi from 60% to 90%; the days for cultivating and out-of-storage fungus buds are shortened by 7 days than before, high-yield, high-quality and increased income, and the survival rate is increased to 90%. In addition, the main frame is made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable, and has no aging or corrosion in various environments, ensuring stable operation all year round.

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