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Textile industry

business background:

The textile industry generally includes chemical fiber industry, silk industry, cotton textile industry, printing and dyeing industry, wool textile industry, etc. The raw materials of textiles mainly include cotton, cashmere, wool, cocoon silk, chemical fiber, feather, down and so on. According to industry standards, the humidity requirement of the textile industry is 60%~70%RH.

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If the humidity is too low, the following problems are likely to occur:

1. The static electricity generated by the wool and dust will cause the decrease of output and quality, and the frequent occurrence of machine failures.

2. Too dry during the weaving process, leading to yarn breakage, textiles frizzy, and defective products.

3. During textile processing or storage, the loss of moisture will affect the weight of the product.

3. During textile processing or storage, the loss of moisture will affect the weight of the product.

4. People work in an environment filled with a lot of dust for a long time, and Inhale a lot of dust can easily cause respiratory diseases and affect the health and production efficiency of workers.

It can be seen that the temperature and humidity problems in textile factories will cause difficulties in textile production, directly affecting the production efficiency of the factory and the sales volume of the enterprise. 

Through years of experience in temperature and humidity control of Dorosin, combined with the production environment and humidification requirements of the textile workshop, Dorosin can provide an overall humidification solution for the textile industry. Accurate humidification can not only maintain the strength and elasticity of the yarn, but also reduce the breakage of the spinning thread and the breakpoints and knots in the finished product during the weaving process. At the same time, it can suppress the production or quality reduction, machine stagnation, clean environment and other problems caused by static electricity generated by wool and dust. It also provides a more comfortable and healthy working environment for employees in the textile industry, greatly improving textile efficiency and productivity .

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