How to quickly dehumidify the warehouse? Is the dehumidifier can dry the warehouse effectively? What brand of dehumidifier is the best?


High or wet humidity can cause indoor humidity problems. When the temperature rises, mold and bacteria will breed. This is very detrimental to industrial production, storage, life and work. What effective solutions should be taken?

Industrial dehumidifier for warehouse is highly recommended, if there is continuous rain, it is recommended to turn on the dehumidifier, reduce the indoor humidity to an appropriate humidity range (about 50-60% RH), this is the best humidity range for warehouseand keep it for a long time to prevent the clothes or furniture from becoming moldy due to dampness.


In high-temperature, high-humidity weather and industrial production environments, we need the cooling with air conditioners and other equipment, also pay attention to dehumidification and moisture-proof work. A warehouse is generally a place where finished or semi-finished products are stored. As an intermediate link between production and consumption, it plays a very important role. However, during the storage process, many environmental factors will affect the storage quality, and humidity is one of the factors that cannot be ignored. 

DOROSIN industrial warehouse dehumidifiers are designed for dehumidification and drying of large factory, workshops, and warehouses, providing a high-quality production and storage environment.

How to choose a right dehumidifier?

Used for a new type of dehumidifier for industrial warehouses with heating and drying used in drying rooms of furniture factories, wood factories, and food factories.

Low-temperature industrial warehouse dehumidifiers used in cold storage and cold chain storage centers.

     Anti-corrosive industrial warehouse dehumidifiers used in high PH environments such as chemical plants, grow room and swimming pools.

    Used in explosion-proof industrial warehouse dehumidifiers in substations and military factories.

    Used for high temperature resistant industrial warehouse dehumidifiers and temperature rise + high temperature resistant industrial warehouse dehumidifiers for high temperature environments.

    Non-standard customized equipment such as cooling dehumidifiers, temperature regulating dehumidifiers, constant temperature and humidity machines that can simultaneously adjust temperature and humidity.

Whenever it rains, humid air will invade the warehouse, and the damp walls will continue to emit moisture to the warehouse, causing the warehouse to be damp. For example, the rainy season, summer rainy, typhoon days, the precipitation is very large, the air humidity outside warehouse is much higher than inside of the warehouse. Moisture will flow into the warehouse from the cracks in the doors and windows, and the warehouse doors will be opened when receiving and dispatching materials, causing moisture. For storage, moisture is undoubtedly an important threat to the quality of stored goods. So, how to solve the problem of damp storage?


    In response to the intrusion of humid air, we purchase a dedicated DOROSIN industrial dehumidifier for warehouse, which can well absorb and discharge the excess water vapor in the warehouse air, so that the warehouse is dry and suitable to meet various storage requirements. commodity. The factory produces and stores DOROSIN industrial warehouse dehumidifiers for enterprises and institutions, which can meet your dehumidification and moisture-proof needs in different environments.

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