How does temperature affect dehumidifying capacity?


When the compressor-type dehumidifier is used in a low-temperature environment (generally below 18°C), it will easily cause frosting in the heat exchange system of the dehumidifier, and this process is inevitable, so the compressor-type dehumidifier has a lower ambient temperature In the case of, it will enter the defrosting state regularly.


When the dehumidifier enters the defrosting state, the compressor will first stop working, and use the evaporator heating wire to heat the heat exchange plate, and then output through the fan to finally achieve the defrosting effect. The defrosting time is determined by the ambient temperature. The lower the ambient temperature, the longer it will take. In the defrosting process, the compressor-type dehumidifier will not be able to dehumidify, so for a lower temperature environment, the dehumidifying effect of the compressor-type dehumidifier is not ideal. If you are in a dehumidifying environment with a low ambient temperature, a rotary dehumidifier is a good choice. 

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