2017, Create a Wonderful Together, Build the Future Together, DOROSIN Annual Meeting ended successfully


Farewell to the unforgettable 2016 and meet brand new 2017. Looking back at DOROSIN's brilliance in the humidity control industry in the past year, and looking forward to DOROSIN's new future. On January 14, 2017, DOROSIN's year-end event was held in Foshan The Vienna Hotel was grandly held.


After the host announced the official start of the party, the deputy general manager Yao Yipeng took the stage to give a speech, summarizing the achievements of DOROSIN in 2016 and planning the work in 2017. Looking back on 2016, Vice President Yao made a summary mainly from the production line, marketing, production base, and internal construction


Yao Yipeng, Deputy General Manager of DOROSIN

The production line has been expanded from the original 3 to 5 to provide sufficient productivity for the greater production capacity. The production base was moved from Guangzhou to Foshan, and the area was increased from 5,000 square meters to 15,000. The marketing center was also moved to a new one. The office area not only improves the office environment, but also increases the investment in hardware and software to provide greater support for the company's marketing.


 In terms of internal construction, Dolexin continues to expand its marketing team and sales team to expand its territory for the company and increase its market share; it has spent huge sums of money to build a constant temperature and humidity laboratory to provide support for technology research and development, comprehensive improvement and optimization Appearance, structure, performance, etc.; improve the after-sales service system, increase service outlets, and improve customer satisfaction.


As Vice President Yao said, 2016 was a year of bumper harvest for Duoxin, a year of fruitful results, and the operating output value has exceeded 100 million. The achievements of Duoxin are inseparable from the efforts of all employees and the support of suppliers.

Looking forward to 2017, Dolexin will improve its marketing strategy in accordance with market changes, and will also increase investment from overseas institutions. In 2017, Dulux will continue to increase investment in technology research and development, quality, branding, talents, etc., and strive to achieve another success in 2017.



  In 2016, the brilliance of Duoxin belongs to every Duoxin person, and the development of the company is inseparable from the efforts of every employee. Duoxin selected the employees of the year, the more advanced employees, the employees who have contributed to the company's construction, and the service stars of Duoxin, and awarded them.


DOROSIN employees


DOROSIN Progress Award


DOROSIN Construction Award


DOROSIN Star of Service 

After Vice President Yao finished his speech, the show began. This year’s meeting was brilliant and colorful. All the DOROSIN elites present were all beautiful, enthusiastic and passionate performances brought a show to the leaders, guests, suppliers and all employees a nice performance in this night.



The show "The Scream"


The show "Black and White Leg Dance"


"Three and a half sentences"


"Dancing Skewers"


Sketch "Blind Date"

After the performance, Yao Xupeng, general manager of DOROSIN, took the stage and gave a speech. Mr. Yao analyzed that the reason why DOROSIN’s comprehensive competitiveness is very strong is that DOROSIN’s brand awareness, reputation, and team building are relatively good in the industry. DOROSIN, who has combat power, ideas, and creativity to achieve brilliant achievements.


After Mr. Yao finished his speech, the climax of the entire annual meeting came-the lottery. Lots of prizes and lots of surprises. In addition to the special prize, the first prize, the second prize, and the third prize, there are also various gifts and red envelopes. The prizes are getting richer and richer, and the atmosphere on site is getting more and more enthusiastic.






The splendid fireworks are the brilliant colors of the New Year; the loud singing is the moving melody of the New Year! This is a joyous event, which not only shows the positive youthful outlook of all employees, but also shows the harmony and friendship of all the staff of DOROSIN. It also conveyed the ambition of the company to expand its ambitions and spread its wings!


In 2016, DOROSIN obtained the high-tech enterprise certification and the technology little giant certification. DOROSIN has been committed to improving the air environment in which users live and work, integrating technological innovation into humidity solutions for various environments, and striving to become a leading brand in the humidity control industry.

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