What is dehumidifier How many types of dehumidifier


What is a dehumidifier? How many types of dehumidifier?


Do you know the dehumidifier already? There are different types of dehumidifiers in this market, what are they?


Main types of dehumidifiers:


1. Refrigerant dehumidifier, cooling and dehumidification method (compressor dehumidifier)

The dehumidifier means that the air is cooled and dehumidified by the evaporator, and then heated by the condenser to reduce the relative humidity. The condensation heat of the refrigerant is taken away by the air flowing through the condenser, and the outlet air temperature cannot be adjusted. It is only used Dehumidifier for heating and dehumidification. This type of dehumidifier are made by DOROSIN team for over 18 years, DOROSIN has home residential dehumidifier, dehumidifier for house, small dehumidifier, commercial dehumidifier and industrial dehumidifier, dehumidifier with pump,  those are dehumidifier working with Panasonic compressor.


2. Desiccant rotor dehumidifier, adsorption dehumidification method (with solid desiccant)

The main structure of the rotating wheel dehumidifier is a continuously rotating honeycomb drying wheel. The drying wheel is a key device for nutrient absorption in the dehumidifier, and it is composed of a striped medium made of a special composite heat-resistant material. Moisture absorbent is contained in the streaked medium. This kind of preset has a compact and close structure, and can provide a large surface or surface size of the object with sufficient contact between the moist air and the hygroscopic medium. Therefore, the dehumidification rate of the dehumidifier is greatly increased.

The common types and brands are whole house dehumidifier, crawl space dehumidifier, aprilaire dehumidifier, costco dehumidifier, toshiba dehumidifier,   quest dehumidifier, DOROSIN dehumidifier.


3. Solution dehumidifier, absorption dehumidification method (using a liquid with lithium chloride as the main component)


The solution dehumidification air-conditioning system is a new type of air-conditioning product developed based on the active dehumidification air treatment technology that uses a dehumidifying solution as a hygroscopic agent to adjust the air humidity and water as a refrigerant to adjust the temperature. Among them, the use of the special physical properties of dehumidifiers, through innovative solution dehumidification and regeneration methods, successfully achieved high-efficiency dehumidification above the dew point temperature.



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