Are dehumidifiers useful for underground projects?



Underground projects such as subways, tunnels, underground garages, and air-raid shelters are built under the surface. Due to its special underground space environment, poor ventilation caused by stratum structure and other factors, it is prone to moisture, which is also a common problem. Especially in wet and rainy weather, condensation will appear on the wall, wet or even water on the ground, which will have a considerable impact on the comfort of personnel, and will bury potential safety hazards for equipment operation and subway passages.

In addition, high ambient air humidity in underground projects such as subways, tunnels, underground garages, and air-raid shelters can also cause many problems. For example, high humidity in electrical and electronic equipment rooms operated by subways can cause problems such as leakage and short circuits. In tunnel engineering, if the humidity of the tunnel is too high, the condensed water will form water droplets on the wall, which will easily lead to problems that cannot be constructed or affect the construction period. In addition, the huge passenger flow of the subway will cause the humidity in the subway tunnel to be particularly high.

When outdoor hot and humid air enters a subway station with a lower temperature and touches the inner wall of the subway, if the wall temperature is higher than the dew point of the air, no condensation will occur. If the wall temperature is lower than the air dew point, condensation will form on the wall. When there is more condensation, water will form and flow to the ground. The walls and floors of subway stations are wet, which affects the safety of passengers.

So, how to solve the humidity problem of underground projects such as subways, tunnels, underground garages, and air-raid shelters? In the past, traditional installation of ventilation and air-conditioning systems was used, which can greatly improve the air quality and temperature problems in subway stations and alleviate indoor humidity problems, but it cannot completely solve them. In terms of moisture-proof and dehumidification, it should also be equipped with a dehumidification system or dehumidification equipment suitable for this project - Dorosin industrial moisture-proof dehumidifier.                              

Dorosin industrial dehumidifier can directly convert excess moisture in indoor air into water, drain it to the outside through a drain pipe, and then discharge the filtered dry air indoors, thereby maintaining a relatively dry and comfortable environment space. It is the simplest and most effective method of moisture-proof and dehumidification. It can intelligently control the air humidity in the station and fundamentally solve the moisture problem of underground projects such as subways, tunnels, underground garages, and air-raid shelters.

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