What Size Dehumidifier Do I Need? Dehumidifier Calculator 2



Based on the last post Dehumidifier Calculator 1, below is the more convenient way Calculator 2



There is also another easy way to understand method to purchase a suitable dehumidifier for your room. Refer to Dorosin dehumidifiers' specification, there are suitable application area recommendation. For example, THD-5.5D 90L/D dehumidifier is recommended to be used at 100-150space.

If the environment humidity level is very high, don't hesitate to check with the service team to get your specific solutions.


How to select a proper dehumidifiers after calculating the capacity?

Based on the above calculation, you will have a brief idea of what dehumidifying capacity you want. For household, commercial or industrial dehumidifiers, you can contact our experts for free assistance. Based on the below applications which are searched more, these dehumidifiers are their first choice.


Dehumidifier for warehouseTHD-5.5D, EP-10S

Dehumidifier for houseER-630E

Dehumidifier for bedroomER-1201

Dehumidifier for garageTHD-5.5D


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