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B.8. Programs developed by companies in the industry (new marketing programs, new distribution channels, etc.)

Because of the Internet is widely used, peoples would like to buy things from online shop in stead of going outside and spending lots of time to looking for products.Global home appliance enterprises have to seek more marketing channels and change supplier management strategies.

In supplier management, DOROSIN take acquisition / merger into consider,in order to to reduce procurement costs, shorten order cycle and ensure quality. This is the cost leading strategy of DOROSIN.

In terms of marketing channels, while keeping the original dealer channels as before, the focus gradually inclines to Internet sales. It is much easier than before to become an authorized agent to sell DOROSIN products,price they can get via negotiation is more competitive, but most of the distributors can take goods only base on cash delivery, which makes the company's cash flow sufficient.

All kinds of new departments comes out within DOROSIN group,which focus on such like Internet online promotion, online sales, e-commerce platform sales and local service department.

Invest more money in Internet marketing and new media marketing, increase direct access to terminal consumers, and get more opportunities to face consumers. Manufacturing enterprises directly connect with consumers, which makes brand promotion more effective.Multiple sales channels coexist, has a positive effect on the demand of consumers in the market, and the overall sales growth.

In the past, OEM based manufacturing enterprises, especially worked for the partners those from the United States, Japan and South Korea, intend to accept less OEM orders but made goods for their own brands.We change some marketing plan to sell directly to the market and consumers,in order to build their own brand reputation. So many new brands appear in the home appliance market and portable ac.This strategy program should lead demand rising from the market.


B.9. Pricing actions/trends (how do competitors us price as a competitive weapon, etc.)

According to the statement in the first part, it is not clear whether the market price will go up or down in the future. According to the relationship between price and market demand, the lower the price, the greater the demand. When we make lower price, customers who were not able to buy the product can also change their mind and become our customers. Customers who originally bought from competitors can also turn to us when the competitors did not reduce the price. In addition, consumers are more likely to spend less money to buy more products and services, so there is no doubt that the lower the price, the greater the demand. On the contrary, if the price is higher, the demand for products of the same brand and quality will decrease accordingly.

Part B focuses on the influencing factors of market demand. These seven factors are the main factors those affect demand. Of course, other factors such as competitors' strategies, market segments, location of consumer, etc. can all affect demand. to be continued)




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