What are the differences between household and industrial dehumidifiers?



Whether it is production or life, it is not difficult for us to find that the environmental temperature and humidity issues have increasingly attracted people's attention. Aiming at the problem of environmental temperature and humidity control, there is a market as soon as there is a demand, and dehumidifiers have emerged. According to different use environments, dehumidifiers are divided into two types: industrial dehumidifiers and household dehumidifiers.

Ordinary dehumidifiers use freezing compression technology to absorb moisture in the indoor air from the basic principle, so as to achieve the effect of temperature and humidity control. However, industrial machines and household machines target different objects, so there are some differences.

First of all, the amount of dehumidification, power consumption, and power difference.

When it comes to industrial electrical appliances, it is generally associated with keywords such as "big" and "consumption", while when it comes to home appliances, it is generally hoped that it is "smart" and "power saving". Because industrial dehumidifiers are generally larger than household dehumidifiers, and industrial dehumidifiers are generally used in workshops or warehouses, and their dehumidifier area is larger, which determines that industrial dehumidifiers should have strong dehumidification performance and greater dehumidification capacity, so it requires higher power and higher power consumption.

Secondly, the appearance is different.

Most industrial dehumidifiers are used in workshops, warehouses or underground garages, so the weight will be very large. Of course, there are some beautiful industrial dehumidifiers. People are pursuing the style of life, so the appearance of household machines will be more harsh. To this end, DOROSIN has also made meticulous designs to cater to the aesthetic needs of users in terms of shape and color, in order to achieve pleasing effects, and has also obtained a number of appearance patent certificates.

Industrial dehumidifiers are heavy and often referred to as iron boxes with universal wheels, but there are also reasons for this. Compared with the plastic shell of household dehumidifiers, the metal shell of industrial dehumidifiers has greater impact strength. After all, bumps are often encountered in ordinary production environments.

In addition, various machines have different requirements for performance.

Industrial dehumidifier, its temperature and humidity control is to create an environment that meets production standards for the production environment, and the purpose is to produce higher-quality products, so its main function is to control temperature and dehumidification. Household dehumidifiers are designed to create a more comfortable home environment for people's health. Therefore, the basic functions of dehumidification generally include clothes drying, air purification and other functions.

Besides, construction and installation of sinks.

The dehumidifier draws out the relatively humid air in the room and condenses it into water through the process of internal circulation. Where did the water go in the end? Household dehumidifiers are usually equipped with water tanks to store water. However, industrial dehumidifiers generally do not have a water storage tank, because the dehumidification capacity of industrial dehumidifiers is relatively large, which is considered to have a relatively high dehumidification efficiency. Since frequent pouring of water will increase labor costs, it is best to transport the water directly through pipes. As the is not equipped with a water tank, which meets the requirements of dehumidification by installing larger compressors and fans under the same volume to a certain extent.

Finally, the security requirements are different.

Dehumidifiers are essentially electrical appliances, so the safety of the product is also very important. On one hand, the dehumidification capacity in industrial operation is relatively large, and the storage environment of industrial production is generally more complicated, and safe and reliable protection measures such as current overload and high and low voltage protection are required. On the other hand, some industries produce special products, such as flammable and explosive materials. At this time, industrial dehumidifiers are required to have explosion-proof function. It means explosion-proof dehumidifiers are required. DOROSIN is one of the few dehumidification equipment manufacturers that has obtained the "Explosion-proof Industrial Product Production License".

To create a scientific production environment and a healthy family environment, dehumidifiers are an ideal choice. However, different purposes also determine the difference between industrial dehumidifiers and household dehumidifiers.

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