DOROSIN expand its production line and market share through continuous setting up new branches in most important cities all around China.Meanwhile DOROSIN shipped their products into India,Mid-East and EU market,built sales network through VN,Southeast Asia local market.Till year 2021,went deep into US industrial channel,especially for greenhouse industry in North America and Canada.


Today, the company has 64 office in China and 3 production factories located in Guangzhou, Foshan and Hangzhou,including 500 workers and sales value 80 million USD a year (DOROSIN.2021)


A.1 DOROSIN Vision,core values and the spirit and solidarity of employees.


1. Four seasons,being with you.”,Which is the slogan of DOROSIN. The founder believes that when the company was founded only as an ordinary manufacturer, good quality, low price and large supply were the common goals of entrepreneurs. In the 1830s, because of Ford's low price and large supply of cars in US, many people in US could enjoy cars (Fanyu Zhao .2020.). In China, because of DOROSIN, people could enjoy a large number of dehumidifier. This is also due to the founder's long-term strategic vision.


Regarding the company's core values, the company's basic business philosophy is the foundation of DOROSIN business.


The basic management objective is to improve the quality of life around the world through business activities for social progress and development, people's well-being.


The company's creed is that every employee will work hard to achieve improvement and development, promise to fulfill company responsibilities with dedication, diligence and integrity. In a complex project, you will really surprised by the cooperation of the staff from different departments, because they have the same creed in their hearts.


In this DOROSIN, if they are criticized by their superiors, they will think it is training. However, if it violates the basic principles, it will be severely criticized.



Top 2 in Dehumidifier Industry.


DOROSIN has always kept the concept of "innovation driven", and has independently developed the programming system for multi-mode heating and cooling air conditioners, digital panel control system for household and commercial dehumidifiers, the intelligent humidity adjustment system and so on. Those help DOROSIN obtained a number of software copyrights, 35 design patents, 32 utility model patents. Successfully transfer the innovation results into excellent products quality and technical solutions.


With outstanding product development and innovation ability, DOROSIN professional engineers go deep into various industries to help customers improve the environmental air conditions, especially in aerospace, food and pharmaceutical, electronics and power industries, and have provided environmental temperature and humidity control solutions for China Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, Skyworth TV, Huawei, Nike, Samsung and other well-known brands at home and abroad.


In the future, DOROSIN is going to continue to be committed to environmental revolution, to improve people's living environment and production environment through professional technology, to provide industry customers with flexible and safe equipment products, to service customers with stable, reliable, safe and sustainable evolution, to create value for the vast number of users.


DOROSIN is committed to technology and quality. We have a deep understanding of the operating principles of the dehumidification system. In order to comprehensively upgrade and improve the performance of the system, DOROSIN has cooperated with Panasonic as strategic partner, making breakthroughs in the core research projects of the dehumidification system. Therefore, DOROSIN machines have the characteristics of "sufficient material, small vibration, fast dehumidifying".


We keep serious and careful attitude towards temperature and humidity control. From the purchase of parts to the launch of products, every key component that determines product performance is controlled through rigorous internal testing. With technical innovation, industrial design and quality manufacturing, DOROSIN has obtained a number of quality certifications and national invention patents, and has become one of the high-tech enterprises in temperature and humidity control industry.


China Home Appliance Research Institute, together with DOROSIN and other dehumidifier manufacturers, defined the dehumidifier core indicators in a standard way, and further shaped the dehumidifier industry norms.to be continued)


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