DOROSIN Leadership


A.2 DOROSIN Leadership

Next we have to talk about DOROSIN leadership and the art of leadership. Up to now, the leaders of DOROSIN have inherited some of the leadership styles of the founders, which combines the wisdom of both the East and the West. They master the rules and regulations on one hand and the human feelings on the other. The founder of DOROSIN said: When the company has only 60 employees, leader is at the forefront. When the company has 500 employees, leaders choose to stay in the middle. When it become 1000 people, leaders followed in awe and gratitude (Fanyu Zhao .2020.).

They also have some leadership styles, delegate authority to subordinates, open to communication, trusting and confidant. DOROSIN leadership style in dealing with internal conflicts is also worth appreciating. They think that the conflicts within the company, like the conflicts between husband and wife in the family, are allowed to exist and need to be actively adjusted. For example, the production team and engineer departments often compete with each other for different consideration. Leaders will deal with it, listen carefully, give their opinions frankly, and leave enough time for both sides to accept. Acceptance time is also the main feature of DOROSIN leadership style.

Only in this way, DOROSIN will be considered that the company's greatest competitiveness is management and excellent leadership.

A.3 DOROSIN some successful objectives and strategies,lead this company near to its long-term goal,which other competitors didnt choose at that time.

DOROSIN goals and plans can be divided into several parts from different period. The first is the two year plan,which focus on marketing and new products.In the cooperation with dealers, the use of competitive core products to improve customer competitiveness. In order to achieve the above goals, the company has made many successful choices in the past strategy.

The second is the long-term goals,which provides localized products and value to everyone in most of the countries all around the world. In the beginning of company found, DOROSIN was not only focused on manufacturing products, but also successfully completed the accumulation of sales resources in the way of exclusive distributor sales service, and obtained a large economic benefits. DOROSIN has 1600 service office branches in 2020, which is Chinese largest dehumidifier sales network. Its sales account for 10% of whole sales,which figures are far higher than those of Chinese competitors.

In the 2020s, DOROSIN production and operation also took the road of strategic alliance. DOROSIN controls the production and operation of some parts suppliers by means of acquisition or joint venture, or directly acquires them and integrates them into the whole DOROSIN system. This is one of the important reasons for its rapid growth.

In the 2010s, in order to upgrade its technology and transfer to the integrated electronics industry, DOROSIN established various strategic alliances with world-class enterprises on a large scale, such as Panasonic Corp.

At that time, the company's competitor, their product development strategy was still to purchase parts and assembly technology from foreign companies, and carry out basic assembly business under the guidance of foreign companies. For such companies that don't focus on core technology, DOROSIN technology strategy is far ahead.


These extensive strategic and cooperation have greatly narrowed the gap of operating resources when DOROSIN enters the new industry, like portable air conditioner,which have higher efficiency and better benefit than accumulating these operating resources.

From market-oriented home appliance industry to technology oriented integrated electronic industry. DOROSIN helps solve customers' challenges in various industries through its three core business areas,in order to approach the company's strategic be continued)


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