How to control grow room greenhouse humidity?



Greenhouses are a common way of growing fruits and vegetables today. Air humidity has an important influence on the growth of fruits and vegetables in greenhouses. The air humidity in the greenhouse has a significant impact on the transpiration, photosynthesis, disease occurrence and physiological imbalance of fruits and vegetables.

The influence of air humidity on fruits and vegetables in greenhouse

1. Affect the transpiration of fruits and vegetables

When the air humidity is high, the transpiration of the trees becomes weak, the ability of the plants to transport mineral nutrients is reduced, and the temperature regulation of the leaves is blocked, and it is easy to cause burns. If the air humidity is too low, the blades will die due to insufficient internal water vapor supply.

2. Affect plant photosynthesis

Too high or low air humidity will cause plant stomata to close, CO2 cannot enter the mesophyll cells, and photosynthesis slows down or even stops.

3. High humidity weakens fruits and vegetables

High humidity will condense the water on the surface of the leaves, cause the leaf cells to rupture, and weaken the plant.

4. Humidity induces bacterial reproduction, drying induces pests

The germination of most fungal spores and the development of seedling filaments require high humidity. Low humidity is conducive to the occurrence of pests. For example, mites such as red spiders are prone to occur in high temperature and low humidity environments.

In the greenhouse environment, soil evaporation, sprinkler water supply and plant transpiration often saturate the water vapor in the greenhouse. Secondly, the temperature difference between inside and outside the greenhouse is large, and condensation often occurs. Therefore, humidity is a prominent problem in the greenhouse environment. Especially in areas with long rainy seasons, the application of dehumidifiers for greenhouses is more worthy of attention.

DOROSIN greenhouse dehumidifier has a large dehumidification coverage space and a strong and balanced dehumidification effect, creating a reasonable humidity environment in the greenhouse, and the humidity can be adjusted freely. Panasonic compressors run efficiently and stably, high-strength cold-rolled plates & sheet metal design, durable; universal wheel design, easy to move. The greenhouse humidity control machine is specially designed and developed for large-scale places such as enterprise production, storage, underground garage, museum and so on. The overall design is based on a vertical cabinet with a vertical air outlet on the top to increase air circulation and a wider dehumidification area, so that the entire application site can be dehumidified in a balanced manner.

DOROSIN greenhouse dehumidifier can realize large-area balanced dehumidification to solve environmental humidity problems in needs of greenhouses, hydroponics, indoor growing rooms, and indoor gardening dehumidifier. A reasonable humidity environment is created for the greenhouses such as fruits and vegetables to effectively protect the healthy growth of fruits and vegetables.

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