How to deal with the frosting of the dehumidifier in a low temperature environment, and how to solve it?


How to deal with the frosting problem of dehumidifier in low temperature environment?

First of all, it should be clear that the icing phenomenon during the operation of the dehumidifier is not a malfunction of the dehumidifier, but a phenomenon that often occurs when the dehumidifier is working in a low temperature environment. There is no need to panic.

Secondly, by observing whether the display on the LCD screen of the dehumidifier is working well, after the dehumidifier has been working for a period of time (1-2 hours), if the current humidity is displayed at about 90% and the humidity display can’t be dropped, it can be judged that the aluminum foil are frozen then caused the the dehumidifier was keeping at a high humidity.

Freezing treatment method:

1. Disassemble the panel at the air inlet of the dehumidifier first, please pay attention to not excessive force when disassembling.

2. Check if the aluminum foil is frozen. If it is freezing, carefully pull out the temperature sensor placed in the aluminum foil and insert it in the middle of the freezing place. Be careful not to be too loose or too tight, so as not to damage the aluminum foil, just as tight as when it is pulled out.

3. Place the dehumidifier at a heat environment, or use a hair dryer to melt the ice on the aluminum foil sooner, or leave it for a period of time to let the ice melt naturally.

4. After the ice has completely melted, reinstall the panel at the air inlet, the screw holes should be aligned, and please do not tighten them too tightly to avoid warping and deformation of the plastic steel panel. This is very important, and not too loose, which will cause collision noise.

5. After starting up and running (1~2 hours), the icing phenomenon is eliminated.

In normal use, it is a common phenomenon for the dehumidifier to have frosting, especially when it is used at low temperatures. When the evaporator and condenser of the dehumidifier are frosted with too much ice, the dehumidification effect will be reduced, so now dehumidifier is equipped with automatic electronic defrosting function. When entering the defrosting program, the compressor does not work, only the fan is rotating, so there is no dehumidification effect, and it saves electricity, which is equivalent to a fan rotating. After the defrosting is completed, the dehumidifier will resume work, which will take eight minutes to more than half an hour. Therefore, when used in a refrigerating rooms, the dehumidifier sometimes freezes due to the low indoor temperature. The frosting time of the dehumidifier increases and the dehumidification time decreases, naturally the dehumidification effect is affected.

Therefore, when we encounter ice on the fins of the dehumidifier, we should first confirm whether the machine has an automatic frost function. Nowadays, most dehumidifier has this function. There are three reasons for freezing.

1. The temperature sensor is broken. When this happens, the automatic frost function will fail.

2. Compressor is leaking refrigerant, this situation will also make the fins freeze.

3. The indoor temperature too low. If it is used at low temperatures, such as in a cold storage, even if the machine is normal, this situation will occur because the indoor temperature is too low to use for a long time. So you can rule out the problem based on these several reasons.

So we can understand from the above that the frosting problem is only a common phenomenon. When buying a dehumidifier, users should pay attention to comparing their actual usage and tell your actual environment for reference. It’s important to buy a suitable product that suits the user's own type when choosing a product.


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