Medical Dorosin humidifier


Medical Dolexin humidifier is a type of Dolexin humidifier specifically designed for medical purposes. It is mainly used for gas humidification within medical institutions such as hospitals and clinics. It can help increase air humidity, improve respiratory symptoms and comfort for patients, and reduce skin problems and eye discomfort caused by dryness.

There are several types of medical humidifiers, including:

Steam humidifier: Heating water to produce steam, which humidifies the air through the heated steam.

Ultrasonic humidifier: uses ultrasonic vibration to release water molecules into the air.

Compressed air humidifier: By compressing air, water is pushed towards the atomizer of the humidifier, producing small water droplets.

Atomizing humidifier: the water spray is atomized through the rotating disc, and the water mist is sprayed into the air.

Medical humidifiers are widely used, including in operating rooms, ICUs, pediatric wards, geriatric wards, respiratory patient wards, delivery rooms, and other places. Its main function is to improve indoor air quality, reduce bacteria, viruses, and particles in the air, and improve the respiratory health of patients. At the same time, medical humidifiers can also help maintain the humidity of mechanical ventilation and respiratory treatment, reduce respiratory dryness, water loss, and mucus viscosity, which can effectively alleviate the condition and improve treatment effectiveness

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