The working principle of Dorosin wet film humidifier


The working principle of Dolexin wet film humidifier is achieved through a water tank and an evaporator. The water tank contains water, while the evaporator is a filter made of a special wet film material.

When the Dorosin humidifier starts, water begins to flow into the wet film filter. As the fan rotates, air is drawn into the humidifier and passes through the wet film filter. At this point, the air comes into contact with water when passing through the wet film filter, and the water begins to evaporate and enter the room with the air.

Due to the large surface area of the wet film, the humidifier can evaporate a large amount of water into the air. This can increase the humidity of the air without increasing the indoor temperature. Meanwhile, wet film filters can filter dust and other particles in the air, making the air fresher.

It should be noted that when using a wet film humidifier, the wet film filter should be cleaned and replaced regularly to ensure the normal operation of the humidifier and the health of indoor air.

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