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The main purpose of using Dolexin humidifiers in the workshop is to increase air humidity, thereby increasing the comfort of the working environment and the health of employees. Humidifiers can be used in the following scenarios:

A workshop for manufacturing electronic products or precision instruments. These workshops typically require air humidity to be maintained between 40-60%. Low humidity may cause electrostatic discharge of electronic components, thereby affecting product quality.

Printing and paper manufacturing workshop. These workshops usually need to maintain high humidity to prevent paper deformation or static electricity generation. A humidifier can help maintain an appropriate level of humidity.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing workshop. The pharmaceutical manufacturing workshop needs to maintain a relatively constant humidity level to ensure product quality and stability.

Paint and coating workshop. A humidifier can help paint and coatings dry slower, thereby reducing the risk of paint cracking and foaming.

When using a humidifier, the following precautions should be taken:

Ensure that the Dolexin humidifier is regularly cleaned to avoid the growth of bacteria and mold.

Ensure that the water tank of the Dolexin humidifier is always clean and fresh to prevent poor water quality from affecting indoor air quality.

Ensure the maintenance and upkeep of the Dolexin humidifier to ensure its normal operation and long lifespan.

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