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dehumidifiers are now accepted by many people, home dehumidifiers, commercial dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers, there are many types of dehumidifiers. Typically, what you see are refrigerated dehumidifiers.

When choosing a refrigerated dehumidifier, the dehumidifier may have an automatic frost function, many people will think that the frost function is that the dehumidifier can be in the winter can melt the frost on the window, in fact, this understanding is wrong.

The defrost function of a dehumidifier simply means that the machine will automatically defrost itself when it becomes frosty inside.

General freezing dehumidifier has a use environment, the normal use of temperature between 20 ℃ to 38 ℃.

If you use it below 18℃, the dehumidifier will frost or freeze, and the dehumidifying ability will be reduced after frosting or freezing, which will affect the life of the dehumidifier if you continue to use it. This is the reason why many users have poor dehumidifying effect in winter.

Dehumidifier in what position frost? What is the principle of frost?

Dehumidifier frost location is in the dehumidifier heat exchange system, due to the condenser on the fin gap between the frost or ice blocked, ventilation is not smooth, although the fan in the turn, but can not be strong to the dehumidifier air, so the dehumidification effect will be significantly reduced, the phenomenon of dehumidifier can not pump water. When the frost reaches a certain level, the compressor will stop running, which is the reason why the machine often starts and stops frequently in winter dehumidification.

Machine frost, evaporator heating wire heating, heat exchange to produce a higher temperature, and then through the fan out, so that the actual effect of frost. Frost time-consuming needs to be determined by the ambient temperature, the lower the ambient temperature, the longer the time-consuming. In the process of defrosting, the dehumidifier can not dehumidify the work.

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