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Deliver warmth in this winter, Christmas and New year ——2017 DOROSIN Christmas Gift Exchange Happy Holiday

Deliver warmth in this winter, Christmas and New year! In order to enrich the leisure cultural life of employees and invigorate the company's atmosphere, DOROSIN held the "2017 DOROSIN Christmas Gift Exchange Party" on Christmas Day on December 25th on the occasion of Christmas and New Year's Day.

At the happy meeting, with the opening of the host, the five game sites of DOROSIN's headquarters office were officially opened, and all colleagues participated in it. The fun party is mainly divided into two parts: the gift exchange game link and the team relay game link. It not only provides opportunities for colleagues to communicate, but also tests the spirit of cooperation between the teams.

This fun event has five projects: 60-second Jenga, Obstacle Ballooning, You Act I Guess, Lingering, and Hula Hula Hu. In this part of the gift exchange game, everyone is free to choose the challenge item, and strive to occupy the forefront of the list and win lucky gifts on the premise of getting gift exchange coupons. After a fierce breakthrough in the individual competition, the friends happily took the winning exchange coupons and went under the Christmas tree to pick their favorite gifts.


(▲Friends are choosing gifts

After the individual competition, the team relay session kicked off. Participants of each team are actively lining up and discussing tactics. They work together to give full play to the team spirit and cooperation. Each team member is like a small universe. In general, they display extraordinary combat effectiveness.


(▲Team members offer suggestions to discuss game strategy


(▲Friends are playing the "You Act I Guess" game

    The most fierce thing is that You Act I Guess this game. Everyone has used their unique skills to seize the time and use body language to convey information to the guessing team members. The onlookers all cheered for the teams they supported. After several rounds of exciting PK, the team with the shortest clearance time among the six teams is the Pretty Girls!


(▲Yao Xupeng, general manager of DOROSIN, announced the winning team)

Finally, Mr. Yao Xupeng, the general manager of DOROSIN, announced the ranking of the teams for this Christmas event and awarded prizes to the winning teams. The 2017 DOROSIN Christmas Gift Exchange Party has also come to an end. This joyous meeting fully demonstrated the positive spirit of the employees, and deepened the communication among colleagues across departments, helped new colleagues to integrate into the big family faster, and enhanced the employees' sense of mission and belonging.