Grain and oil warehouse

For grain storage, temperature and humidity is one of the most critical factors.Before the food is stored, it is necessary to do a good job of dehydration and drying. After being stored in the granary, it is also necessary to ensure the appropriate temperature and humidity environment for 24 hours.Otherwise, food meets the appropriate temperature and humidity, it may appear germination phenomenon, a lot of food, once germination, lost the edible value.Secondly, food in a humid environment, may also cause moldy deterioration, the loss is very huge.

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It is more scientific to control the moisture content of rice under 23% during storage. If the moisture content exceeds this level, it is easy to cause rice germination or mildew. Corn is also difficult to be stored, so it must be stored in a dry and non-moisture warehouse. The moisture absorption capacity and moisture absorption rate of wheat are relatively strong. The moisture content of wheat is controlled below 12%, which is more suitable for storage. It is very susceptible to the influence of humid air during the storage process. The continuous increase in water content will cause fever, mildew and sprouts.

微信图片_20190930112043.jpgDorosin dehumidifiers come with automatic control function. As long as you enter the required air humidity value in advance, it can work automatically.

When the grain storage is wet, it will automatically turn on and dehumidify. When it reaches the storage requirement, it will automatically stop. It can not only reduces the labor intensity of storage staff, improves work efficiency, but also avoids the invalid labor of manually checking data, and reduces management costs!

使用多乐信除湿机The use of dehumidifiers in the granary can save a lot of food deterioration and waste caused by environmental reasons, and the accumulation of less will add more, and it will save an amazing amount of food!

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