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MCE Milano 2018:

MCE is held at the Milan international exhibition center in Milan and start a series of industrial exchange activities with exhibitors and spectators. Over the years, MCE has maintained a rich and distinct theme, heating (heating equipment, spare parts, tools and appliances), Energy (photoelectric - solar - thermoelectric, bioenergy - symbiotic energy, insulation); The main content of refrigeration (air conditioning, ventilation, commercial and industrial refrigeration). In 2018, there were 2,138 exhibitors from 54 countries, including well-known enterprises from all over the world, and the audience was nearly 160,000, with an exhibition area of 325,000 square meters.


Massimiliano, director of exhibitors at MCE, said: "MCE is committed to creating an ideal environment for aggregate international supply and demand. As the world's leading exhibition platform, our main goal is to help the company in front of the exhibition and exhibition of efficient their outstanding products and services, business contact, at the same time for all companies to create an excellent chance to meet and compare."


We will keep in touch with the world's leading enterprises and discuss technical issues together with the top leaders in this industry. In order to keep the high lever with the world, we will continue to innovate and work hard in future. The year 2018, it will be the year of historic revolution of Dorosin and the first year towards the world.