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Pursue excellence -DOROSIN outdoor development activities


In order to improve the teamwork ability of all employees of DOROSIN, we have the courage to challenge themselves and enhance the relationship between colleagues, and at the same time let Dorosin employees relax in nature, release stress, adjust their mentality, and stimulate creative thinking. Launched outdoor outreach activities with the theme of "Pursue Excellence" as the theme. On October 15, 2016, , all the staff of DOROSIN went to Nanhai, Foshan to participate in outdoor outreach activities.


After arriving at the destination, we put on uniforms. The event breaks the strangeness between colleagues through departmental selection, and establishes a foundation for mutual understanding and mutual help. Then, under the guidance of the coach, some warm-up games were carried out. Everyone was fully engaged and had a great time playing. Then, under the leadership of the coach, all colleagues entered an exciting competition.


For many female colleagues, the most thrilling are the two projects of grabbing bars and walking bridge on high. In these two projects, what needs to be overcome is the fear of heights and the courage to challenge oneself, in order to stand on a high platform to complete the aerial grabbing and walking the bridge. At the event site, many colleagues, with the encouragement of others, overcome their fear of fear and finally completed this difficult project.


Through team generation, display, and integration, it can help employees strengthen their understanding and communication skills, and improve the spirit of creating an excellent team. DOROSIN’s colleagues learn through practice and change through experiential learning. They have benefited a lot and gained more life insights. After experiencing the joy of success brought by dedication, collaboration, and courage, everyone deeply feels the essence of "pursuing excellence" and the responsibilities that should be assumed as a member of the team. At the same time, in the intense work, by getting close to nature, feeling the white clouds and blue sky, and letting go, it helps to improve work efficiency, mobilize the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of work, and lay a solid foundation for the company's cultural construction and sustainable development.


After the expansion exercise, everyone sat on the floor and shared their thoughts about the expansion. Everyone gets a different perception, but the pursuit of excellence and the courage to climb the peak have become the philosophy of everyone's life and work. A colleague recalled, “If I didn’t have the courage to challenge myself and my colleagues’ encouragement, maybe I would never know my potential is so great. Through outreach activities, I also understand that in my work, I also need to challenge myself and continue to pursue Only by excellence can we see a better self."