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What are the application scenarios of industrial dehumidifiers?

industrial dehumidifiers are mainly used in some large industrial sites. The purpose of their work is to improve the space environment and discharge water molecules in the air out of the body. In recent years, with the rapid development of industry, the market for industrial dehumidifiers is expanding. Today, I will introduce the application scenarios of industrial dehumidifiers.

industrial dehumidifiers are mainly used in dehumidifying spaces: they can be used in various industries like warehouses, workshops, food, electronics, machinery and tobacco to avoid serious losses due to damp and mold. It has a wide range of uses, especially suitable for other places such as large workshops and humid warehouses.


The principle of an industrial dehumidifier is to suck moisture into the machine through a fan, and cool the evaporator below the dew point by the compressor. After passing through the evaporator, the humid air condenses and becomes the water surface and collected into the water pan. The dry air in the water tank is reheated by the condenser and discharge from the air outlet. So as to continuously reduce the indoor humidity.

Use an industrial dehumidifier to measure the volume and height of the space used (the measurement of 2.6 meters is converted into a usable area). The dehumidification capacity range is usually allocated by 1-1.2 times the dehumidification area per liter, and the storage humidity range of valuables is allocated by 0.6-0.8 times the dehumidification area per liter. Of course, the proportion of the used area is appropriately increased, but the larger the used area, the longer the dehumidification time.

On industrial dehumidifiers, there may be adhesive or dust on the surface of the body occasionally. It can be cleaned with soapy water, flavors, solvents, etc., to avoid paint or discoloration. The filter is better to be cleaned regularly, because some workshops have more dust, and regular cleaning can effectively maintain the dehumidification effect and service life, and can reduce the growth of bacteria. It is best to clean the equipment frequently to make the dehumidification better.

Dry dehumidifiers are the nemesis of moisture. Especially in the rainy season every year, when the situation is serious, other items such as household and clothing will become moldy. At this time, the dehumidification opportunity will be more prominent. It gives us a healthy and comfortable environment. Today, I will teach you how to use an industrial dehumidifier correctly, so that the dehumidification effect will be better and our life quality will be better.

Under the standard environmental condition of 30/RH80%, the standard dehumidification capacity of the machine is 50 liters/day. The hot air generated during the operation of the dehumidifier is a phenomenon of the normal operation of the machine. In winter, the humidity is low and the temperature of the air outlet drops significantly, which is a normal phenomenon.

This dehumidifier should be avoided to be placed near a heat source to keep the water in and out smoothly. The dehumidifier in use is best placed in the middle and wider position, and have no storage around it, so that the air flow and dehumidification effect will be better.

Setting the indoor humidity to 60% or below can effectively prevent moisture and prevent items from becoming moldy. Wet quilts will seriously affect the quality of sleep. Our dehumidifier can be used to dry quilts and mattresses. Especially when closing the room and window, do not set the machine to dry clothes mode in any way. The humidity is sometimes set at a suitable position.