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Why choose the dehumidifier to reduce the humidity? Can air conditioner dry the room?

Maybe you’re curious, why we need to choose a dehumidifier to dry the room rather an air conditioner? In order to figure out this question, we should learn the working principles of them.


1. Air conditioning machine cooling dehumidification mode:


The working principle is: the temperature wet air is greatly reduced through evaporator, while the air humidity is in a supersaturated state, the excess water vapor is precipitated in the form of condensed water, which is condensed on the fins of the evaporator, that is "condensation dew". The air humidity is also reduced to a certain level when the cooling mode comes into the balance state.


Take some examples of the southern regions, usually humidity is more than 80%RH, the temperature is also low, most of the time is below 20 ° C. If we turn on the air conditioner in this condition, the cold wind is blown out, the feeling of people is wetter and colder, which is not in comfortable range. And, no matter how low temperature run, often runs into power off automatically due to the set limit. Besides, some air conditioners’ limited setting are only 20 ° C, it means they can’t dry the house by refrigerant cooling. We also consider that when the air temperature is lowered, the water vapor will not be effectively condensed, therefore, the air conditioning dehumidification actually has very limited ability to control the humidity.


2. Air conditioner independent dehumidification mode:


The working principle is: heat the air that is cooled through the evaporator to the original temperature and then be sent to the room.

The fan of A/C is running at low speed, the compressor is working discontinuously ,recycled the cooling air generated inside the machine to the chamber to achieve the purpose of dehumidification.


Technically speaking, turn on the dehumidification mode of A/C, the compressor will work in discontinuous condition, this will shorten the lifetime of compressor, and the power consumption is large. Because the air conditioner is fixed, it can only dry the small area range. Therefore, the air conditioner should not be used instead of the dehumidifier.


3. Dehumidification mode of the dehumidifier:


The working principle: the fan will contact wet air into dehumidifier , when the wet air goes into the evaporator, the wet air is condensed into small water drops, retained in the surface of the evaporator, water drop gathered and then flows into the water tank, collect the wet air in this way. And how to dry the room? The dry air is blown out through condenser, the heat of machine produced by its work is discharged out of machine, so that the indoor humidity is reduced in this recycle working way.  We will feel the temperature of room will rise slightly, but the temperature difference is not obvious. Taking DOROSIN dehumidifier as an example, the dehumidification machine of 20L / D in the wet amount is about 300W, and the electricity consumption is also relatively saved.


The dehumidifier is mobile and removable, easy to store and control the humidify in specific space, DOROSIN residential  dehumidifier can be used in an environment of 5-35 ° C, which is wider and flexible


4. Conclusion:


In summary, the air conditioner can be used instead of the dehumidifier, but it cannot be completely replaced. The air conditioner is suitable for the high temperature and damp season, it  reduces air humidity slightly while cooling; the dehumidifier is suitable for temperature is not so high, but the damp environments. Dehumidifier is the professional and officially recommended machine to choose when you need an assistant controlling humidity. The dehumidification effect is fast and the indoor humidity is maintained.