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Why dehumidifier is so important in household, commensal and industrial place?

The dehumidifier is developed for the humid and harsh environment. Through the operation, the humid air can be made dry, and it can also effectively improve the humid living environment and production environment, and prevent the mold caused by the humid environment. Therefore, the dehumidifier is widely used in households and the industrial field, the role is also very large.


1. Wardrobe: It can dry clothes efficiently and quickly. When encountering wet and rainy weather, the clothes will be completely dry quickly;

2. Study room: prevent bacteria and mildew when the photos, books and periodicals in a humidity environmental at home, affecting hygiene and reading;

3. Living room: reduce indoor humidity, make the human body feel comfortable, and reduce the occurrence of neuralgia, arthritis, asthma and other diseases;

4. Underground parking: In a humid environment, the dehumidifier can quickly and effectively remove moisture for the air; and keep the Underground parking at a dry condition.

5. Archives/library/bank box office: prevent damage to archives, books, periodicals, paper products, yellowing, moth-eaten, etc.;

6. Computer room: It can effectively protect computers and lines from moisture damage;

7. Power distribution room: quickly and effectively remove damp air to avoid short circuits caused by excessively humid air;

8. Food factories: reduce the air humidity to keep food clean and hygienic;

9. Electronic factory: Keep the Electronic factory dry weather can effectively ensure the normal detection of various electronic products;

10. Timber factory/furniture factory/leather factory: remove humid air, keep furniture dry and not deformed;

11. Printing facotry/paper mill: Ensure the normal humidity of the ink and keep the paper dry;

12. Precision instrument workshop: to ensure the normal use of various precision equipment without being affected by environmental humidity;

13. Laboratory: Effectively avoid environmental impacts for various physics, chemistry, etc.;

14. Photographic and video equipment: The dehumidifier can effectively protect the dryness of the photographic equipment, without the need for frequent wiping and scratches due to humidity;

15. Drug warehouse: keep the drugs continuously dry to effectively prevent the drugs from becoming moldy and deteriorating;

16. Large-scale storage: Dehumidifiers are a better choice for storage and stacking of goods at a right humidity rate.

 ..........................and so on


It is reported that the dehumidifier is an electrical product that professionally adjusts air humidity, and it is also the main moisture-proof and dehumidification on the market. It has the characteristics of convenient use, high dehumidification efficiency, humidity control, low noise and energy saving. It has long been popular among families in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. China.