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What Maintenance Is Required For Dehumidifier

What Maintenance Is Required For Dehumidifier?


Dehumidifier is electrical appliance for daily use. If used properly, it can not only exert the maximum effect of the dehumidifier, but also reduce the failure rate and extend its service life. The following are some points about the proper use, maintenance of dehumidifier:


A. Place Your Dehumidifier Properly


Place the dehumidifier on a stable level surface. And the dehumidifier should avoid being used near the heat source, and the inlet and outlet should be kept unblocked. In general, the dehumidifier should be placed in the area where have enough space around it, without items pile up surrounding. Keep the air flowing, can achieve the effect of dehumidification even.

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B. Use In a Suitable Temperature & Humidity Level


The refrigeration dehumidifier used in low temperature (below 18℃) environmental conditions will be frosted or frozen. If it has auto defrost function, it will automatically defrost. If no, you need to defrost manually. Dorosin's dehumidifier and spot cooler all come with auto-defrost functions, easy to be used.


Generally, low temperature, and the humidity is low. When the ambient temperature is lower than 15℃, the water droplets attached to the evaporator surface will freeze and weaken the dehumidification effect. If the ambient temperature is above 40℃, the pressure in the system will increase and the compressor will be overloaded. At this time, the overload protector should cut off the circuit, otherwise the compressor motor will be damaged. Dorosin's dehumidifiers, 95% are equipped with Panasonic compressor, which is stable quality and all come with intelligent protection system and make it the best dehumidifier. Therefore, the optimal temperature range of the dehumidifier is 5 ° C to 38 ° C.

Besides, if the humidity is below 40%, the effect of dehumidification is not obvious, and the speed is very slow.




C. Set The Required Humidity Level Correctly


When the user adjusts the humidity level, he should set the humidity according to his own feeling of humidity, the number of people in the space, and the size of the space. Normally, when the RH% of the room is around 50%-60%RH, people will feel more comfortable under the state of less activity such as resting and sleeping. The humidity setting is too low, in addition to making people feel uncomfortable, it will shorten the service life of the dehumidifier, and also consumes more energy due to the large difference in indoor and outdoor humidity. The moisture spreads quickly, resulting in frequent automatically start up and shutdown of the compressor,   


D. Clean The Dehumidifier Regularly:


Regularly do cleaning to the filter of the dehumidifier, which can effectively improve the dust removal effect and improve the ambient air quality. And dont forget to clean the water tank if the dehumidifier you bought come with it (dehumidifier for house). Regular cleaning of the evaporator (industrial dehumidifier) can effectively improve its heat transfer coefficient and efficiency, and improve the working efficiency of the dehumidifier.



E. Ask Professionals To Check The Dehumidifier Regularly:


After long-term use of the dehumidifier, the electrical circuits and control components will have varying level of aging, which will cause serious damage to the unit and people. Regularly ask the professionals to check the circuit of the dehumidifier and replace the aging components. Replenishing refrigerant can prevent the aging of components from causing harm to the machine and people, and can keep the dehumidifier in good working condition.


F. Protect The Machine Well If Not Used For a Long Time.


Firstly, unplug if he dehumidifier is not used for a long time or when going outside for long time. Using a protective cover to cover the dehumidifier to prevent from the sun, rain, and dust, which will cause damage and difficulties in future maintenance.



Do You Still Have Question?

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