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How to choose an industrial dehumidifier?

How to choose an industrial dehumidifier?


With the development of society, dehumidifiers have been widely used in various blocks. In addition to household dehumidifiers used in homes, hotels, and offices, there are also industrial dehumidifiers used in warehouses, workshops, basements, and instrument rooms.

Home dehumidification is more about the health of the family and the comfort of home life. Industrial dehumidifiers are more aimed at the impact of humidity on mechanical equipment. For example, various precision instrument rooms, laboratories, and workshops have very strict and accurate requirements for air humidity. A little carelessness may cause irreparable economic losses. Therefore, factory or enterprise users must pay attention to several key parameters and functions of the equipment itself when choosing an industrial dehumidifier.

1. Large dehumidification capacity and large air volume

Its working principle is: wet air is sucked into the machine by the fan, and the surface of the evaporator is reduced to below the air dew point temperature through the compressor refrigeration system. At this time, when the humid air passes through the evaporator, the moisture in the air is decomposed and adheres to the surface of the evaporator, and the water will flow to the drip pan along the hydrophilic aluminum foil on the evaporator. The water tank or drain pipe is discharged, and the dehumidified dry cold air is heated by the condenser and discharged outside the machine to reduce the indoor humidity. Compared with household dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers are characterized by large dehumidification capacity.

Because industrial dehumidifiers are generally used in larger factories, workshops or warehouses, they need stronger dehumidification power, so higher power is also required.

The dehumidification of air conditioners and dehumidifiers uses this principle. Although the principle is the same, the dehumidification effects of the two are still different.

2. Intelligent and precise humidity control

Different industrial sites have different requirements for air humidity values, which requires industrial dehumidifiers with intelligent and accurate control.

Where is it reflected? First of all, it is necessary to automatically sense the air humidity and intelligently set the all-day dehumidification value to keep the air humidity within a proper range. On its microcomputer control panel, pure physical button operation can easily control dehumidification.

3. Complete types of industrial dehumidifiers

In addition to humidity, temperature also affects instruments and products in different industrial production areas. How to use dehumidifiers under different temperature and humidity environments requires a wealth of dehumidification products.

Ordinary dehumidifiers are used in a normal temperature environment, and the effect is average. If it is used in a low temperature/high temperature environment, it will affect the use effect. Therefore, more professional special environmental dehumidification equipment is needed.

The dehumidification capacity and model selection of the dehumidifier are mainly determined according to the specific values of the environmental space volume, fresh air volume, and humidity requirements of the space environment. In addition, it should be noted that the relative humidity of the environment is related to the ambient temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster the moisture will evaporate. On the contrary, the worse the effect. Therefore, when configuring the dehumidifier, it must be selected under the guidance of professionals. Dorosin industrial dehumidifiers have a complete range, including low-temperature dehumidifiers suitable for low-temperature environments, high-temperature drying dehumidifier units for high-temperature environments, and rotary dehumidifiers for low temperature and humidity environments. Dorosin Electric rich product range can meet the dehumidification needs of various industrial sites.