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What is spot cooler? How to choose right air conditioner? DOROSIN’s portable air conditioner options.

Spot coolers are the independent air conditioning systems with all the major components, and it’s main components are compressor, condenser, evaporator, metal or ABS housing, spot ducts, removable casters for cooling the environments needed. Spot coolers also called portable air conditioner, it provides portable solutions when and where you need them, it’s more convenient and more suitable for some temporary cooling places, like camping, tent, any outdoor activities


There are many different brands of air conditioners on this market, and many made in China are well-known not only on the air conditioners, but also on the home appliances, such as Gree, Media, Hisense etc.. But actually, when to choose the right air conditioners, there are factors you should consider.

1. Where to use?

Following are the types of air conditioning equipment, and what places are recommended to use:

1.1: Wall unit Mini split air conditioners: home, small office, apartment, living room, the place which have enough space to install outside machine

1.2: Central air conditioning: Big office, building, shopping mall,

1.3: Compressor spot cooler/portable air cooler/dehumidifier air cooler: post cooling, workshop, equipment cooling, electric room, transportation, buildings, venue, because this type of air conditioner no need installation, it can be used anywhere you need cooling anytime.


If you’re looking for temporary cooling solutions, you can see Top 2 Chinese manufacturer’s options:

What options of DOROSIN’s portable air conditioners? Here are 2 series, industrial and commercial one.


1. Industrial portable air conditioner rental, heavy duty portable air conditioner, big air conditioner :

DAKC-27B: cooling capacity 2500W/8525Btu/0.7ton

DAKC-45: cooling capacity 4500W/15,345Btu/1.3ton

DAKC-65: cooling capacity 6500W/22,165Btu/2.0ton

DAKC-140: cooling capacity 14,000W/47,740Btu/4ton

DAKC-250: cooling capacity 25,000W/85,250Btu/7ton

The above models are industrial spot coolers suitable for rental, tent, heavy duty workplace, workshop, factory, warehouse, movincooling, wedding tent, water cooled spot cooler.

2. Commercial and home depot air conditioning unit, small spot cooler

DAKC-18: cooling capacity 1800W/6138Btu/0.5ton

This model is DOROSIN first and unique design for residential portable cooling, ABS housing and smart control display, bring you the comfortable experience and excellent cooling performance!