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What Size Dehumidifier Do I Need? Dehumidifier Calculator 1


A suitable humidity level bring comfortable living environment to people and can extend other machines, furniture and buildings' service time. But, what size dehumidifier do I need for my room, how to calculate the required dehumidifier capacity?


Below are the simple dehumidifier calculator. For more exact results, or to check if you calculate by the correct method, you can contact Dorosin teams at Shannon@dorosin-china.com. The professional engineers team will help to check and send report soon.


Basically, you need to get info /data as followings,

1. Application. For example, beer cans storage

2. Room size, length, breadth and height

3. Present & Required temperature T (°C)

4. Present & Required humidity T(% RH)


What's more, the calculator result would be more accurate if you can provide further data of,

1. Staff quantity

2. Fresh air volume

3. Doors quantity and open times per day

4. Product moisture volatilization



Firstly, according to the "Technical Requirements for Indoor Air Dehumidification", required dehumidifying calculation formula

Space wet load (W1) = space volume V (m³) * wet difference △d (g/kg)/1000 (conversion unit) * air density (/m³) * (safety factor)


Air density & safety factor are mostly a fixed number, different regions different amount, please contact the service team to get the number.

Wet difference =d1-d2 (Calculate by “Dorosin Dehumidifying capacity calculator _Dew Point”)


Secondly, W=W1+W2(product volatilization capacity)+W3(Personnel wet load)+W4(Open the door and seep wet load)

Note: In normal case W2/W3/W4 can be ignored.


Thirdly, based on different temperature and environment, we should add a correction coefficient 1.3.

Finally, for example, W=W1=200 (kg/h), the Total wet load W is 200*1.3=260kg/h. In that case, EP-10S *26-30 units are recommended.

EP-10S EP-20S

There is also another easy way to understand method to purchase a suitable dehumidifier for your room. Please read What Size Dehumidifier Do I Need? Dehumidifier Calculator 2”.