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B.1. The functions served by the product/Why customers buy the products or services

1.The attributes of home / lifestyle appliances are to serve human life, from housekeeping, kitchen, AVC, beauty, dehumidifier,health to air conditioning. This kind of product proves that human life has reached a higher level and it is the origin of civilization. If there is no air conditioner, how can we get over all the summer time. Refrigerators and washing machines make human life more convenient. We are willing to work hard and pay money to buy more convenient appliances to help us save time and live a comfortable life. In addition, we also need to purchase related services such as product installation services and maintenance services, because we are not professional. Without these services, sometimes these machines will not work. So lifestyle electrical appliances are now essential to the human world, without them human being will become very difficult.

However, if there is no dehumidifier, both home environment,industrial and commercial environment will be affected by high humidity. For people, they feel uncomfortable,the wet ground makes it inconvenient to move. For household goods, dripping water on the walls is easy to damage the house structure, clothes are moldy, wooden furniture is very easy to damage, and so on. The following industries will also be affected, such as:

Archives: According to the architectural design specifications for archives, the temperature standard for archives is 14C-24C and the relative humidity is 45%RH-60%RH. Dorosin dehumidifier can effectively control the humidity of the archives and protect the paper archives in an all-round way, avoiding paper jamming and mildew corrosion.

Drug production: According to the humidity requirements of various drug production workshops, Dorosin dehumidifier can accurately set up the required humidity, maintain the humidity of the production workshop within a stable range, ensure that the production environment meets the standard requirements, prevent drugs from dampening failure, and ensure the quality of pharmaceutical production. Avoid economic loss due to humidity changes.

Clothing warehouse: During the wet season, it is easy to cause clothing and warehouse fabrics to be damp and moldy, metal zippers, buttons rust, light-colored clothing to grow spots, and unpleasant odors. This not only affects sales, but also directly affects the corporate image and brings about significant losses. Therefore, the clothing warehouse have to control moisture and humidity level. 

Laboratory: If laboratory is in a relatively humid environment for a long time, it will affect the life and stability of the instrument, resulting in mildew of laboratory consumables and even causing safety accidents. Dorosin dehumidifier has the characteristics of stable performance, intelligent control of humidity, low noise operation and so on, which is the common choice of many laboratories.

For Hospitals: Benefits of humidification in hospitals include: Minimizes the risk of airborne infectionsDecreases the occurrence of respiratory issues in newborns; Elevates patient and staff overall comfort and virus protection; Lowers employee absence rate; Reduces premature drying and formation of scabs from coagulated blood; Prevention of electrostatic damage to medical equipment.


2.Small integrated energy-saving air conditioner will be more and more popular, because compared with the general split and central air conditioner, this mobile compressor air conditioner has irreplaceable characteristics.


Dorosins point-to-point cooling air conditioning system is widely used in commercial and industrial fields. Especially in developed countries, due to the progress of science and technology, not all locations of large sites need to be cooled. There are only a small number of workers working in a vast space. We only need to cool people or machines. It is not necessary to cool down 24 hours a day, and the place of cooling is not fixed, so this mobile integrated air conditioning must become a demand. In Japan, each manufacturing worker needs such a machine, which belongs to their own exclusive refrigeration equipment. The air conditioner works wherever people move, and there is no need to install pipes and windows for discharging hot air. Just plug in the power supply and blow the cold air to people through the cold air pipe, you can enjoy the comfortable temperature. Due to the increasing use of this mobile air conditioner in commercial facilities and manufacturing environment, including outdoor environment, it is expected that the point-to-point air conditioner market will grow at the fastest rate in the next 10 years.This kind of compressor refrigeration point-to-point air conditioner has the following characteristics:

1. Compressor cooling,combined only one unit without outer unit.

2. Spot and Rapid cooling.

3. Temperature difference between air outlet and air inlet: 10-15 degrees.

4. Dehumidifying capacity included.

5. Wind distance: 3.5m


1. Plastic case commercial using

2. When if water full in water tank it will stop Automatically, have defrosting function,it can turn for high,low wind speed and only being a fan.

3. Global exclusive patent.



Dehumidifier and spot cooler have the characteristics of scale economy, and can provide repeated consumption. With the growth of the world's population and the improvement of living standards, the number and level of consumer demand will increase, and the consumption of such products will be greater (to be continued).