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How to choose a suitable ceiling wall mounted dehumidifier?


Generally, dehumidifiers can be classified into portable dehumidifiers and ceiling wall mounted dehumidifiers according to their appearance structure. The most common one we use is the portable dehumidifier, which can be used in a wider range of places because it is convenient to carry. On the contrary, ceiling wall mounted dehumidifiers are more used in small spaces and places with insufficient ground space, such as crawl spaces, basements, compartments, greenhouse growing rooms, and so on.

How to choose a suitable ceiling wall mounted dehumidifier? We specifically need to consider the following factors:


1. Preliminarily calculate the amount of dehumidification required based on the size/volume of the applications.

2. Take the annual average humidity level of the current environment and the humidity level you need as a reference.

3. The specific products that need to be stored/places that need to be dehumidified, and different products/places require different humidity values at each stage.

4. The ambient temperature value and the water source (moisture source) also need to be taken into consideration

5. All fresh air entering the room through air conditioners, ventilation fans, fresh air fans, etc.

6. Increased humidity value caused by evaporation and photosynthesis of products/plants.

7. Personnel entering and leaving the premises.


Based on the above data, we can calculate the approximate amount of dehumidification required by the dehumidifier, and choose the suitable ceiling wall mounted dehumidifier. In some more complex and harsh environments, we may need to know more relevant details of application places and the indoor environment. As long as relevant factors related to temperature and humidity, it will affect the dehumidification effect of the dehumidifier and should be taken into consideration.