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About DOROSIN? What is DOROSIN and how is going on with household appliance industry and portable air conditioner industry?

A.4. DOROSIN make innovation on cooling and heating combine.

In 2017,DOROSIN proposes to make innovation on the basis of portable air conditioner.

Portable air conditioner is composed of compressor, condenser, throttle valve , evaporator, centrifugal fan, casing and controller.



   When the cooling function is turned on, the compressor continues to work, making the gaseous refrigerant continuously transferred to the condenser to be compressed and finally become liquid refrigerant after releasing heat.

  At the same time, under the action of the throttle valve, the liquid refrigerant is transferred to the evaporator, where it absorbs a lot of heat turning itself from the liquid to the gas.

     On the other hand, driven by centrifugal fan, indoor high-temperature air passes through the evaporator, and then becomes cold air after perform heat-exchange with evaporator, and finally get out of machine through the cold air outlet; another air flow under the action of centrifugal fan, absorb heat when pass through the condenser, become hot and exhaust from the hot air outlet.




Refrigerant: R410A, low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving

Double-isolation design of hot and cold chamber airflow: The dual-isolation design of cold chamber airflow and hot chamber airflow reduces cooling loss.

Air duct free swing head design: The hot and cold air duct can rotate 360°, and it can also be telescopic to facilitate directional cooling.

Bottom caster design: Where to move to wherever, convenient and fast, saving installation costs and flow costs.

Panasonic compressor: branded, efficient, energy saving, safe, long lasting, low noise.

Large-capacity pull-type water tank: The water tank and the water pipe are used for drainage. The water tank is equipped with water full automatic stop function. When the water tank is taken out, the machine does not run to prevent the water leakage from continuing.

High-end LCD display: Micro-computer control for easy operation.

Integrated body, no need to install, making cooling easier.




Heating Mode

Portable heat pump combines both cooling and heating capabilities in a single unit, more even with dehumidifying function,offering significantly performance, along with high levels of quality and practicability.

Cooling Mode

Bring timely & quickly cooling to building occupants when the central HVAC system is turned off.


Dehumidifying Mode

DOROSIN portable A/C could do more than just cool & heat—they can also dry out wet areas faster than conventional methods.

Air Supply Mode 

When cooling is not necessary ,then it could play as a fan for ventilation purpose.

Best of all, installation is simple. Just roll the unit in, plug it in, attach the dry-air exhaust duct and turn the unit on. Right away it starts doing its job. Save time and money.

DOROSIN believes that in order to successfully create a sustainable future, they must make changes to " technology ", which is a front-line business and essential to the enterprise and people’s daily life.Cooling,heating and dehumidifying innovation enables DOROSIN to more accurately understand the ever-changing complex AC systems, and how to make personnel and core equipment work more efficiently.

It is the key to fundamentally solve the business and social challenges faced by DOROSIN. DOROSIN will use this combine function process innovation to solve the challenges faced by customers, with the ultimate goal of creating "Four Seasons,Being with You".to be continued)