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Say goodbye to returning to the southern sky, and dehumidification at home can also be very simple! Dorosin Dehumidifier Evaluation

Returning to the southern sky is a nightmare for many people. I, who often resides in Guangzhou, live in a rental house and feel even more heartbroken about returning to Nantian. Every season, I can only turn on the air conditioning for dehumidification, and watching the electricity bills skyrocket, I feel a little sad.

How important is a movable dehumidifier at this time? It’s just right when facing a small room. So today we are sharing the experience of using the Dolexin HD-750B dehumidifier.

Overall, the appearance of the Dolexin HD-750B is very high and its volume is relatively small. The front is a white mat, and the bottom is a sink. On the three sides, it is about 67 cm high, and the base is about 42 cm * 32 cm, which takes up a small area and is quite convenient to place anywhere.

The structure of the Dolexin HD-750B dehumidifier consists of a touch panel area and an air outlet on the upper part, with a very simple operating logic. Multiple functions such as dehumidification, drying, and purifying negative ions can be easily switched.

This machine adopts a built-in humidity sensor to detect environmental humidity, displaying real-time environmental humidity and facilitating the selection of dehumidification modes from different positions. And there is also a drying mode, which can solve the problem of drying clothes in humid and rainy weather. And you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the device after continuous dehumidification, you can set a timer to turn it on and off.

The air deflector of the Dolexin HD-750B supports adjustable angles from 0 to 90 degrees, and can be placed under clothes to dry directly. It is a good method for clothes that cannot be dried when returning to the south, which is much faster than drying them in the entire dehumidification room.

What makes people feel even more considerate is that the HD-750B has handle designs on both sides of the body. When the body itself is not heavy, combined with the handle design and universal wheels, the easily movable body position can be said to be very convenient.

The reverse side is also very simple. The upper part is a high-density filter screen, which is dust-proof and anti fouling. The lower left corner of the filter screen is designed with an external pipe interface for continuous drainage function, which can be reused without the need for repeated water pouring. The filter can be removed for cleaning, providing convenience for machine cleaning and maintenance. There is still a lot of dust in daily life, and if not cleaned at all times, it can cause blockage and affect the dehumidification effect.

Opening the filter screen also reveals the evaporator, which has dense fins, indicating a large specific surface area. Large area evaporators can achieve rapid heat conversion and rapid dehumidification.

The drawer water tank of the Dolexin HD-750B dehumidifier is also very convenient to operate. The 8-liter super large capacity water tank can meet the daily needs of most people, and it is very convenient to pour water. It can also be connected to a water pipe for automatic drainage. If there is a drainage outlet in the location, it is even more convenient.

There are quite a few usage scenarios for Dolexin HD-750B, and the maximum usage area of Dolexin HD-750B dehumidifier is 180m ², Villas, garages, wine cellars, hotels, homes, etc. are also very suitable.

When encountering the Southern Sky, the high humidity in the bedroom is very detrimental to sleep. Firstly, the body has poor heat dissipation, secondly, it is easy to breed bacteria, which affects health, and finally, if left untreated for a long time, it may also leave a risk of rheumatism. So we need a Dolexin HD-750B to turn on automatic dehumidification and place it in the room. It’s summer now, and when the humidity reaches the appropriate range, we can sleep better. Everyone has a good user experience when reading online comments.

If I use it personally, another scenario is to put it in the kitchen. We all know that the kitchen gets wet every day after cooking, making it easy to slip. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the range hood can only be slightly longer. Encountering damp weather, greasy and slippery, mopping it over and over again, it’s not easy to dry, and after finishing the meal, it becomes a forbidden area. In addition, kitchens are generally not equipped with air conditioning, so placing a dehumidifier would be great~

In 30 minutes, the water storage tank immediately accumulated a lot of water, and the entire room was very dry. It has been proven that the dehumidification effect of the Dolexin HD-750B dehumidifier is really good~

For me, the biggest benefit feature of this product is the dry clothes mode. After encountering rain, I worry about not having clothes to work the next day, and even using a fan to dry it at night is not enough. At this time, the advantages of the Duolexin HD-750B are highlighted. Place the dehumidifier and clothes that need to be dried in the area where they need to be dehumidified, then turn on the dehumidifier. After waking up, the clothes will dry. Many people are afraid that the noise from the dehumidifier will affect their rest. In fact, the ultra-low noise of the Duolexin dehumidifier does not have to worry about the problem of noise when sleeping at night, just like the noise of a regular fan.

This is not my first time using a dehumidifier, I have also bought hundreds of them. Compared to it, Dolexin HD-750B has its unique advantages: quiet, strong wind, good dehumidification effect, high face value, small space occupation, safety and reliability, and low learning cost. This type of dehumidifier is relatively balanced, endorsed by the Dolexin brand, with more guaranteed quality, making it a good choice~