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Industrial air conditioners help you solve the problem of high temperature in the workshop

Factors of high temperature in the workshop

Most factories and workshops are stuffy and hot in summer, with temperatures often reaching around 37 degrees Celsius. This is especially true for workshops with dense personnel and a lot of machinery and equipment. So, what factors generally cause high temperatures in workshops?

  1. densely populated personnel positions, poorly ventilated workshops, and poor air conditions

  2. Machine equipment emits heat during the production process, resulting in continuous high temperatures

  3. The workshop lacks good ventilation, and the stuffy and hot air cannot be discharged

  4. The workshop has been closed for a long time, resulting in a decrease in air quality. Causing air turbidity

The solution for high temperature in the workshop,

Install ventilation and cooling equipment with quality assurance. There are many common cooling equipment in the market, such as exhaust fans, fans, negative pressure fans, central air conditioning, etc. However, there are so many problems in high-temperature workshops. Using industrial mobile air conditioners for ventilation and cooling in the workshop is a superior choice.

Using industrial mobile air conditioners

Why do you say that? Firstly, it does not require installation and can be used by plugging in, without the need to modify the factory circuit and pipeline structure, making it convenient to use. Secondly, its cooling performance is very superior. For example, the exhaust fan equipment can only exhaust the workshop, but it does not have a good cooling effect. However, the Dolexin Industrial Mobile Air Conditioner is different. It can not only cool the position at a fixed point, but also discharge turbid air to the outside, allowing for ventilation and cooling in the workshop. In addition, it can also improve the air quality in the workshop, expel odorous gases from the outside, and enhance the oxygen content in the indoor air, Make indoor air cooler and more comfortable