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How to solve the high temperature problem in industrial workshops with Dorosin air conditioners

Overall overview of the workshop:
A certain mechanical factory in Guangdong has a steel structure factory building, with a workshop area of 5000 square meters and a floor height of 15 meters. It has about 600 employees.
The problem of not installing refrigeration equipment in the workshop:

  1. Steel structure factories are prone to heat absorption in summer, and even if the floors are insulated, they do not have much effect;

  2. There are many production equipment and machines that generate a large amount of heat, resulting in high workshop temperatures;

  3. The equipment has an unpleasant odor during operation, especially due to poor ventilation in the workshop. In addition, when the weather is hot, these odors are even stronger and more pungent.

  4. When the hot summer arrives, when the outdoor temperature reaches 36 degrees, the indoor temperature can reach over 38 degrees, making the environment very hot and stuffy.
    The impact of high temperature and stuffiness in the workshop on enterprises:
    The dry, hot, and unpleasant working environment in the workshop creates a very poor working atmosphere for employees, leading to a serious decrease in work efficiency. Customer orders cannot be completed on time, resulting in a decrease in customer orders, which seriously affects the production efficiency and reputation of the enterprise.
    Design considerations:

  5. Solve the problem of “dryness and heat” in the workshop (our environmentally friendly air conditioning can reduce indoor temperature by 4-10 degrees);

  6. Solve the problem of “odor” in the workshop (our environmental air conditioning system happens to have a positive pressure cooling system. During the process of turning on the environmental air conditioning system, fresh air will be continuously supplied to the indoor environment, naturally exhausting the unpleasant air inside to the outside);

  7. Energy saving and energy-saving (our environmentally friendly air conditioners only require 1 kWh of electricity per 100 square meters of area per hour)