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Dorosin humidity control solution solves the humidity problem of the State Grid

Electricity plays a significant role in our daily lives, and all industries cannot do without it. However, the environment required for power equipment is very special. The impact of excessive humidity on the distribution room cannot be ignored, especially in humid weather with continuous rain. The moisture inside the distribution room causes water seepage on the walls, and the water seepage on the switches in the distribution room leads to short circuits and frequent tripping. More seriously, it can damage the equipment inside the distribution room and affect the operation of urban power.
      Project Description: State Grid Corporation of China
      We all know that humidity is one of the greater safety hazards that has always existed in power departments such as the State Grid. In environments with high air humidity, power equipment such as distribution boxes and switchgear are easily affected by moisture, leading to leakage, expansion, condensation, rust, and accelerated oxidation of power facilities; Moreover, it can cause circuit short circuits, heat generation, and even burn out, greatly shortening the service life of power facilities and seriously affecting their normal operation.
       According to the understanding of electrical engineering by the Dorosin humidity control technology team, when the relative humidity is greater than 80% RH, it is a period of high incidence of electrical equipment accidents, usually occurring in humid spring, or during seasonal exchange periods with sudden temperature changes or large temperature differences between day and night (sudden decrease, increase). In order to control the humidity range of the distribution room, substation, high-voltage room, machine room, and other power equipment locations, while considering the insulation and metal properties of the original equipment, Duole Xin configured corresponding industrial dehumidifiers according to its actual situation to strictly control indoor humidity below 70% RH.
       After controlling humidity, it is beneficial to improve the air insulation performance of electrical equipment locations, reduce the moisture attached to the surface of insulation materials, maintain the insulation resistance of electrical equipment, especially for equipment with long service life and high internal dust accumulation, and reduce or even eliminate the phenomenon of insulation breakdown; On the other hand, controlling humidity can reduce the growth of mold, thereby reducing the probability of a large amount of high moisture content mold adsorbing on the surface of the equipment; Furthermore, humid air will cause corrosion of conductive metals, magnetic silicon steel sheets, and metal casings in power equipment.  

Reducing air humidity can maintain the performance and service life of the equipment, reducing the occurrence of electrical faults.